Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Room for More Hydro-Electric Generation

I've long held the belief that small scale renewable projects as well as the mass scale ones is the best way forward to help reduce our reliance on carbon based energy generation. Therefore I'm glad to see that the Forum for Renewable Energy Development has reported that an extra 650MW of Hydro power can be produced by hundreds of small scale projects.

That's about 50%, or 600,000 extra homes (equivalent of Edinburgh) of what is currently produced primarily through the big dams up in the Highland Glens, even before the new Glendoe facility comes on line next year. Smaller schemes do not need to flood valleys, they use existing weirs of can use the natural down flow of rivers with minimal effect.

Like wind water is one resource we very rarely run out of here in Scotland and I'm glad to see the Government at least getting encouraged about the scheme to produce more renewable energy.

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