Saturday, 6 September 2008

Go Andy Go - Live Blogging on Murray v Nadal

ANDY Takes First two sets 6-2 7-6 2-3 rain delay

Ok Andy Murray and Rafa Nadal are on Louis Armstrong Stadium while Federer and Novak Djokovic are on Arthur Ashe.

The Scot breaks Rafa in the third game of the first set before holding his own serve and breaking the world number 1 again in the seventh game. Then he takes the set with a little bit of Wimbledon-esque serve volleying. As David Ferrer the only person to beat Rafa in a five set match also took the first set this is looking good for the Scotsman.

Second Set

At 1-1 in the second set Nadal is struggling when he fires a backhand out wide to Murray's forehand, but the Scot smashes back a forehand winner down the lime to make it 15-40 and two more break points for a third break for the Scot. Andy maybe getting a wee bit to excited at the possibility squanders them both but at Deuce Rafa fouls up a driven volley to give another break point. However hawkeye confirms the shot that may have caused Nadal problems early in the second set is wide. Nadal having clawed it back from the brink with the help of technology hangs on, for now, as the players return to their seats. Apparently Mr and Mrs Greg Norman (ie Chris Evert) have come over from the Arthur Ashe stadium for this one, we know the former Mrs Lloyd has a soft spot for Brits who do well in New York, she married one. Andy serves out game 4 to love, over to Rafa again.

Andy is doing a lot to make it hard for Rafa and takes it to 30-30 before Rafa puts a forehand wide for the Scots 4th break point in two games. But after Andy returns the first smash, Rafa makes sure to get this game to deuce on the second asking. However, a cross court backhand sees the Spaniard again facing breakpoint. Whoops first dodgy drop shot is swallowed up by Rafa, followed by a tame attempt at a lob. Another game of survival for Nadal, you'd think that Andy was the world number one at the moment though. Murray holds serve after a drop shot fails first point. But with two forehand winners and two aces takes it easily again to level at 3-3. A couple of error from Murray allows Nadal to ease to 30-15 having lost the first point. Then after a won point by Nadal Murray puts it into the net. Nadal has his first easy hold of the second set.

Murray comes to the net but is passed, but then scores an ace 15-15. Another ace takes the Scot to 40-15 before coming again to the net to put away a forehand volley into the open court, 4-4. Rafa puts a forehand out down the line, first point in game 9 to Andy. A cross court forehand down at Nadal's feet makes it 0-30 on Nadal's serve. But he responds with his third ace of the match, then forces Murray out wide to score an easy forehand winner. Murray goes for a big forehand winner down the line but just misses. After a great rally pummelling away Andy pulls it into deuce. But Andy puts it into the net on his forehand, then putting a service return wide. Points won so far Andy 61 Rafa 46 the winner will play Roger Federer who has just won 6-3 5-7 7-5 6-2 against Novak Djokovic.

Andy serving to stay in the set. Andy plays a drop shot which Nadal scrambles to get but a vollied lob gives Andy the start. Just wide from Rafa makes it 30-0. Nadal again errors going wide with his backhand, before another ace to round up the game to love. On Nadal's serve he is made to go left and right before ending the rally by netting. A slice backhand from Rafa forces Andy to lay the ball up on plate for Rafa to put it away. Clean service return winner cross court take it to 30-30. First serve misses, Andy crushes a return Murray break point. Nadal saves another break point at the net and does a double fist pump when Andy can't reach it. Murray again moves Nadal around and forces the Spaniard to go long from the baseline another breakpoint for the Scot his 8th in the match so far. Nadal almost puts away a clean winner but Andy reaches it but the defensive lob is easily put away by Nadal back to deuce. Murray puts it into the net advantage Nadal, but Nadal fails to take it deuce once more. A mishit forehand from Murray allows Nadal back in again, which he then takes with an ace. He's saved seven break points in this set alone, Murray has yet to face one in the entire match. Starts with his twelfth ace, but then crashes a forehand too long, then puts a forehand wide. Is Andy starting to try too hard? Then another crushing serve down the middle 30-30. Nadal puts it wide as Andy serve vollies of second serve and with another big serve takes it to a tiebreak.

First point of the tiebreak is a mini break to Murray as Nadal puts it wide. But straight away take it back as Murray set the ball up to high. Another Murray ace! 13-4 on ace count. Nadal lazily puts a drop shot into the open court Andy chases it down and puts it away down the line. But big serve and Andy puts it wide, but the Scot still has the mini break. Andy double faults, his first, going for a big second serve. First serve long but Andy comes up with another forehand winner 4-3. Nadal puts his first serve into the tram lines but a backhand from Murray goes way too long. Murray nets his next service return. 5-4 Nadal. Second serve from Andy picks up and Nadal's return trickles along the net before landing on the Spaniards side, then another big serve for set point for Andy. Rafa serving to stay in, Andy punches a twohander down the line and then Rafa pushes his shot wide. Two set to love for Andy Murray.

Third Set

While Andy may be putting some shots just long he is going all out for this. But putting it into the net makes it 15-30 on Murray's serve at the start of what may be a very important set. Going for a big backhand Andy just puts a cross court wide, Nadal's first break points of the match. Murray puts it long and Nadal takes his first break on his first breakpoint of the match. Andy starts the next game with a big winner. Then goes long on his backhand next point. Rafa is getting pumped as Murary puts it into the net. Murray stops mid-rally to challenge the line judge and gets it right as Nadal has put it wide. Nadal punishes a Murray drop shot to take the second game of this set. Andy starts with a serve volly but is easily passed, but constructs a better rally to bring it back. An ace served out wide, followed by another. Andy comes in to serve volley but Nadal doesn't even make him have to play it, 1-2.

Andy gets back into the point but instead of going downline goes back across court and misses. Nadal goes long with a forehand. But on the next serve a Murray mishit goes wide and another wide shot makes it 40-15 Nadal. A strong Murray backhand only sees Nadal put it into the net. But a great serve down the Murray back hand forces the error and wins the game for Nadal. Another double fault at the start of the next Murray service game. Nadal mishits the second serve return on the next point but is let off when Andy nets his shot. Then Nadal returns the favour. Murray scoops it up cross court in a squash type shot, Nadal runs it down but misses down the line, another Murray two aces brings up another game and Andy shows that he can recover when under pressure now. Andy 2-3 down with the break to Nadal.

The umpire has come down from his chair to check the conditions on the court has the rain from Hannah arrived? They are going to wait for this little shower to stop and then see where we go.

Andy is not happy and goes out into the centre of the court saying he doesn't think it is slippery. They are finally taking the players off the court. Depending how long this takes I may pick up my blogging later.


  1. A very impressive posting, Stephen - knowing how difficult live blogging is.

    That one actually ticks quite a few boxes...........

  2. Courtesy of five live and a headset good job I'm trained to work in a call centre. Ability to type one thing while listening to another is second nature lol