Monday, 15 September 2008

Well the Vote is to Make it Happen

The big debate for the vision and direction of the party has just been passed, unamended down in Bournemouth, there was excellent coverage of the debate for and against (if slightly biased IMHO) by Stephen Tall over here at Lib Dem Voice.

While as Brian Taylor said there was a rather mixed response from the floor at conference the fact the tax cuts have been passed at conference means that the party will now be promising a radical agenda for social justice whenever the General Election comes along. We're trusting the people to do what is right with more of their money, you can't be more liberal than that. I know that the party will still ensure there is sufficient provision for those unable to earn an income for whatever reason. Those supporting the cuts (many of them big hitters in the cabinet) have said that this is only part of our social justice agenda going forward.

So the Lib Dems look set to deliver a fairer tax system, lifting more people out of poverty than Gordon Brown knows about (at least the ones he keeps claiming to be helping). If we can deliver this plus social justice we really will have the radical edge in UK politics.

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