Monday, 1 September 2008

Facebook Seeking Experience

Well it hasn't taken long there is a Facebook group started for those who have more experience than Sarah Palin, John McCains running mate for Vice President. Whether that is being 6 years a counillors, one of which Mayor of a poulation that at the time had less than 6,000 people and 18 months as governor of the only US state with two international borders (one of them maritime with Russia) population less than 700,000 i'm not quite sure.

Though as someone who's had an used a passport for over 20 years I certainly have more foreign policy experience than Mrs Palin who acquired hers in 2007 to visit troops overseas. Heck I've even been behind the Iron current once before it rusted away and once after the holes appears but before it was totally torn down. More people also voted for me in 2005 than she governed as Mayor of Wallisa, where she was once pagaent Queen of, but I'll give her credit more people must have voted for her in the 2006 Alaskan Gubernatorial contest that have done for me at any stage.

Well Team McCain are certainly losing the opening rounds over Mrs Palin on the internet find out mre on LibDem Voice.

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