Sunday, 21 September 2008

Lib Dems Still Left Wing: In Glenrothes

Rumours of the Lib Dems shifting to the right have been greatly exaggerated at least in Crusader House Markinch which as of yesterday was also the home of the Conservative's campaign office for the Glenrothes by election.

When I reported once more for duty at the Lib Dem HQ I found at the top of the stairs the directions Conservatives to the right Lib Dems to the left. Also the weather held off yesterday and it was a dry day delivering, including at one point down Markinch High Street right past the SNP headquarters which are only at the other end of the really loud platform announcement sound bubble from Markinch station (that woman has some lungs on her).

I also got to thinking that the entire Scottish Blogosphere with the exception of the Labour bloggers could actually end up in one pretty tight part of Markinch without realising it during this campaign.


  1. No sign of the Labour lot yet?

    There was a claim in one of the papers that the "message" was meeting with approval on the doorsteps of the constituency. No message has been received or even delivered on my street by the red-rosed ones....I'm waiting in much anticipation. The wheels appear to have fallen well and truly off the campaign with a spat between the Roys (Lindsay and Frank, which is a proxy version of the Brown-Reid feud) and the candidate not being allowed to conduct interviews because of his lack of experience. Oh, there's a spelling mistake on his website:

    I was at the SNP candidate selection meeting, have missed most of the events since, intending to pitch in shortly, once missus and kids let me....

  2. Hi Jess no I did seem to be following around a Labour leaflet drop at times yesterday. Out in central Markinch I came across some which in one occassion must have been shortly before I turned up as the leaflet was behind a father and child sat on the front doorstep cleaning football boots.

  3. Where is their office? Is it in Markinch as well, along with the others? I may swing by to have a look.

    There was a claim in one of the papers (Herald or Express I think) that polling in Glenrothes didn't match with the message Labour were getting in Methil/Buckhaven/Leven. I live in one of the small villages on the coast, not far from Buckhaven (pronounced Buck-hind). I've been home most of the weekend and I can honestly say I've seen no-one. This area is now largely SNP in any case - I volunteered for the SNP in 2007 on Scottish Parliament election day and Labour didn't have enough people to cover all the polling stations in the area that time.

    If you happen to be door-knocking in my street for the Lib Dems I'll put the kettle on!

  4. I would suspect that they will be working out of MacDougall's former offices in Glenrothes as most incimbant by election parties would do from established premises.

    I'll bear that in mind when I come across Jess the Dog on the canvass card ;) Of course don't be like one of my fellow Livingston fans during that by election who thought I was the person I'd sent to their door. Of course when she's asked was he my forums nom de plume he just looked blank but reported it to me. So I had to go and have a chat.

  5. jess

    Did John Beare (SNP candidate last time) stand for selection? How did he do?

  6. John Beare didn't stand for selection this time around, Peter Grant was the only candidate putting himself forward.

  7. Forgot to mention I had a look around Glenrothes and Markinch yesterday:

    I reckon Labour have given up on the rest of the constituency and are trying to get voters out in Methil/Buckhaven.