Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Students Sensible Over Drinking

Unlike certain members of the political leadership Scottish student leaders are showing sense in targeting the real issues of our binge drinking culture. It isn't the age that is the problem it is the promotions, CARDAS (the Campaign Against Raising the Drinking Age in Scotland) are slamming promoters who organise booze tours etc.

Seeing as these events would be happening in clubs or Union Bars the SNP's proposals to ban off sales to under 21s would not curb these promotions of irresponsible drinking. It is these sort of promotions and excessive drinking spree's that young people once they start on can lead to irresponsible attitudes and unhealthy relationship to alcohol. There's no denying that binge drinking is a major issue but while promoters are still freely promoting such hedonism with the bottle to young people surely there is a flaw in the system, which the ban on off-sales is not tackling at the root, merely an outpouring of our acceptance that binging is acceptable and promotion worthy.

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