Saturday, 26 July 2008

Yikes I Appear to Have Become the Voice

I got up this morning to be greeted by Malc's second take on Glasgow East, in it he concentrates on the Liberal Democrat showing, or lack thereof, in the vote.

Now I know my recent return en force to the Scottish Blogosphere had a minor seismic (yes the Nats don't own the word) effect on the Scottish scene. First many of the other party bloggers started to comment on my blog, then add me to their blogroll (for many as their first Lib Dem link), then adding some of the others. Now they seem to have anointed be the chief spokesperson for the Scottish Lib Dem Blogosphere, Malc made reference to me three times in his little piece indeed begging my response. However he's not alone I seem to be constantly getting referenced from others whenever the Lib Dems garner a mention almost being asked to reply*.

Maybe it's because as Jeff at SNP tactical voting was kind enough to say I'm "unafraid to protest on other blogs at posts [I] disagree with. And that, after all, is what good blogging should be all about." Maybe, and if so I take it as compliment, as Kezia Dugdale said but I "occasionally come up with some absolutely stonking posts which knock many other blogs for six" which transcend party politics and lines. But for whatever reason without seeking it I seem to have somehow become, at least in the other Scottish Blogger's eyes, a voice for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, maybe I should adjust the font size and positioning of my disclaimer.

It's actually something I think that is more distinctly part of the Scottish political scene than the UK at large though that there is so much interaction between the parties. Being as my blogroll suggests someone who doesn't see a great divide in political blogs I don't see the same cross party interaction in the UK scene at large. That's possibly down to Duncan and Will and the way that they have the Scottish Roundup set up, making a sort of incestuous interaction between us Scottish Politicos brave, or stupid enough, to publish our thoughts on events online in such a public way.

Well if that's the way things are to be so be it therefore I can make no apologies to Scottish Tory Boy for being a "bit too Lib Demmy" it's clearly what he and the others actually want and they can "enjoy it nonetheless".

*BTW if I don't necessarily reply to all such comments it may be that I simply haven't seen it, we can't all be an omnipresent Iain Dale (that's the Tory one).


  1. My apologies. But you have to agree - your about the only forthright Lib Dem we know!! And that's probably a compliment to you and a slight on your party.

    Anyway, where do you see the party evolving to? Answers in no more than 1,500 words...

  2. I take your point Malc, it probably is true regarding my forthrightness but I'm used to calling things as they are, I did acknowledge it as a compliment in the blog I guess I'm also seeing it as somewhat of a responsibility. Especially when like last night I get to see a large number of readers in one place all with their own opinions.

    As for the answer I'm not I'll be able to confine it to 1500 words, guess you'll just have to keep reading the blog Malc. ;)