Monday, 14 July 2008

Scotsman Give TV Debate to Lib Dem

Parliamentary elections are meant to elect the best person to represent the constituency. Well the Glasgow East by election took on a slightly American feel at the weekend when it held a televised debate between the 4 main candidates.

Well the Scotsman has scored their performances today and place Ian Robertson the Liberal Democrat ahead of Labour's Margaret Curran with Davena Rankin of the Tories and the SNP's John Mason propping up the rest.

Of Robertson the paper said:

Emerged as the surprise star of the show. He was effective, forthright and intervened sharply across his opponents. A no-hoper in this by-election – one to watch for the future. 9/10

It's a sad state of affairs that someone so effective is written off as a no-hoper but there is still time, even in this truncated election to get across the star that is the Lib Dem candidate. After all let's not forget the 24th July is still in the future.


  1. Ian's an old friend of mine from university debating days - I'm not surprised he did well in that sort of format, particularly when up against numpties like Mason.

    [Still wouldn't vote for him, mind you... ;-) ]

  2. Mr E. it never fails to amaze me the interconnectiveness of the Scottish political world, being an interloper myself who wasn't involved with politics at home only a uni maybe I just don't know what to expect.

    Shame that his debating prowess doesn't make you persuaded that he's worth the vote though.