Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Lions Kick Off Season in Style

Oh dear, Mister Ideas said some nice things about my sport's input here and I didn't get around to updating you all on the start of Livingston's season on Saturday. What with the passing of Lord Russell, that's temporal Lord not time, it didn't seem right yesterday.

Anyhoo, Mister Stephen dressed in his football shirt without the need of additional layers turned up for this first visit to the new Italian themed Almondvale, yes they even have renamed the Lions Den the Carling Italia Bar. Just where is a cuddly Leone to rest up?

Well the first thing to note was that the new consortium of owners were all there in sharp suits standing on the edge of the pitch while the players warmed up. Obviously all out in force for the first competitive game of the season. The visitors were Stranraer for the first round of the Challenge Cup something the Lions hadn't got past the first round in since they dropped out of the SPL.

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