Wednesday, 30 July 2008

David Not Slinging the First Stone...Yet

Well David Miliband is in full rabbit eyes in headlights mode. Following his article in this mornings Grauniad in which he talked about the future of the Labour Party without mentioning the Prime Minister in that future.

Compare this from his article.

"The odds are against us, no question. But I still believe we can win the next
election. I agree with Jack Straw etc"

With this when pressed:

"Can Gordon lead us into the next election and win? Yes. I'm absolutely
confident about that."

So has David joined the heap of mangled metal of sports cars starting before the green light is given. Or as in the vintage last Yes Minster episode are we watching everyone deny that they have ambitions for the office of Prime Minister though all the while they are sounding out their support. Especially as when pressed further as to whether we was ruling himself out of a leadership bid he merely said he wanted to discuss "arguments, not personalities" and didn't use the words yes or no.

Oh just for the record at the time of writing the Prime Minister is Gordon Brown and there are no, I repeat no, leadership challenges being mounted by any member of the cabinet. The giant of a chancellor turned PM for New Labour is not about to fall to the boy David: possibly.

I couldn't possibly comment.

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