Monday, 28 July 2008

Has West Lothian Seceeded from the Union?

Interesting flag related goings on have come to my attention from outside West Lothian House, home of the SNP/Save St. Johns Hospital coalition led West Lothian Council.

Now there are five flag poles out side the council offices so it is not as if space is at a premium but it has been murmurs that the Union Flag has not been flying like it used to outside. Apparently the Provost Tom Kerr of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party noticed that the Union Flag was not flying outside the offices, upon raising the issue with the other councillors it made a brief appearance before again disappearing from view.

The SNP love their symbolism, in fact all their vehicles in the recent Glasgow East by election proudly sported the Saltire. Indeed they almost had apoplexy when the Willie Rennie signs for the Dunfermline and West Fife by election contained a Saltaire. Now when the rules about flying the national flag all year round were introduced by Gordon Brown last year Scottish public buildings were except, allowed to fly the Saltire, for all but 18 days if they only had one flag pole. Although if two or more poles were present the the Union Flag should take precedence over the Saltire, therefore its absence at West Lothian House is something that needs to be answered. Do I need my passport to get to and from work from now on?


  1. That'll be 'Saltire' you are thinking of Stephen.

  2. Thanks anseo it would be indeed and somebody should really get unto blogger about that not being in the spell check, along with blogger and blogopshere.