Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Labour Can't Help Lying Over War

Yeah Guido has exposed Margaret Curran's war veteran for what she is. Far from being 93 and a veteran of the 7th Armoured Division, the Desert Rats, (of whom my late great uncle was padre) he appears to be 67 and a Labour party activist.

Now every party is liable to pack party activists into crowd scenes behind the candidate, as these people are most likely to agree to appear in that way. Although I have once seen the Tory agent posing as a normal member of the public. However, for the sake of the regiment to which I have family connections I glad this latest Labour deception has been exposed for what it is, a desperate attempt by someone who as the area's MSP should have some knowledge of the local community appearing to be a bigger part of that community than they truly are.

So either she can't remember who John Hipson and whov George McGuiness are or has managed to find not one but two 93 year old veterans of the 7th Armoured then she really must know Glasgow East like the back of her hand. Somehow I don't think that the latter is the case.


  1. That is disgusting...
    And an outright lie. Surely some electoral law has been broken? (I suspect the LibDem and SNP agents will be crawling over that aspect...)

  2. We'd better not leave it to the Tories then. Have they issued any writs about Henley yet? Nope. Thought not.