Thursday, 28 February 2008

It's Good To Talk About It

See what happens when people get together to talk about things. All the bitterness of days gone by can be laid to rest.

Nick and the current incumbent of the Speaker's Chair Michael Martin got together to talk about the spat that erupted in the House on Tuesday. Especially as the amendment calling for a referendum had apparently been accepted by Commons clerks therefore making it eligible for debate.

The whole debacle seems to come down to whether the Lisbon Treaty is a reworking of the European Constitution. Under a very slightly different guise and a totally different name. Seeing as all three main parties promised a referendum on the Constitution in the last General Election in 2005, it depends on how much the Lisbon Treaty comes under the requirements for a public con census.

The Lib Dems clearly believe it does and the whole referendum should be on membership. The Tories also say they are substantially the same and the public should have a vote on the treaty. Only Labour with a reputation for stealth, subterfuge and downright lies seem to think the two should be treated differently.

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