Sunday, 13 September 2009

Strictly Come Royalty

Congratulations to Lord Freddie Windsor and his new bride actress Sophie Winkleman. Not only has the 32nd in line to the throne and his bride, half sister to It Takes Two presenter Claudia, tied the knot but they have also refused to let the celebrity press pay £600,000 for their wedding day pictures. Instead of taking £100,000 more than 11th in line Peter Philips last year, apparently with the Queen's disapproval, they gave one of the Royal magazines Majesty exclusivity for free.

A spokesman for the newlyweds said they had turned down the "life-changing" amount of money for the exclusive rights adding:

"They certainly thought hard about it but in the end they decided it wouldn’t be right. I’m sure the reputation of the royal family was part of their thinking."
Sophie in her career played Princess Eleanor in the ITV drama The Palace the elder and somewhat scheming sister of the fictional young King Richard IV. The couple are now preparing for a life in Holywood as she embarks on a new US comedy series 100 Questions for Charlotte Payne. The groom, only son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, is to continue his banking career in California with JP Morgan.

Although the most senior Royal to attend was Princess Eugenie, the King and Queen from The Palace Rupert Evans and Jane Asher did read a poem in the ceremony at Hampton Court.

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