Thursday, 24 September 2009

Woot! I've made a Lib Dem Top 10 #ldconf

The stats for the last week on the #ldconf hashtag reveal that I was Tweeting quite a bit, not as much as Caron from her sofa mind. But there did seem to be a fairly steady amount of Tweeting going on over the days as the chart below shows.

So the scores on the doors:
So Caron from her sofa at home was the Top Lib Dem activist. At Number three was the Councillor who started a raucous chant for her use of Social Networking etc at the BOTYs, of course the Jo Swinson response was laud, and poor Mark Reckons had to chant all by himself (he'd already won one BOTY by then).

The official Twitter account for conference as blasted all over the programme only came in 4th. Really must do better.

However, with 2 of our councillors, 3 of our top Bloggers, the party's official Twitter accounts, Lib Dem Voice from their broom cupboard and two of the leading followers of politics Tweetminster and House of Twits shows the spread of interest in the conference and views that were being given.

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