Saturday, 5 September 2009

MacWikio Political Blogging September

I'm probably stealing Caron's thunder but I've just noticed that this months political Wikio Rankings have been counted and verified and updated on all out sidebars. So how are the Scots doing in the political realm (as I know others are looking at the Lib Dems). So taking a quick look down the top 100.

1 = Tom Harris: And Another Thing... 6 (10 +4)
2 = Cute Greek Baby 15 (18 +3)
3 = Subrosa 43 (64 +21)
4 +1 SNP Tactical Voting 46 (69 +23)
5 -1 Stephen's Linlithgow Journal 52 (68 +16)
6 = Caron's Musings 61 (76 +15)
7 NE Yapping Yousuf 96 (-)
8 -1 Amused Cynicism 99 (85 -14)
9 NE Malc in the Burgh 100 (-)

So a pretty good month all round only Cabalmat has gone down, Yousuf and Malc make their debuts in the top 100. Jeff might be denying flaws in the Wikio system this month having climbed above me. Although as he features in top 10 Total Politics lists for last month and I don't we shall see what October's list brings. The midfield battle is interesting Subrosa and Jeff for the Nats, myself and Caron for the Lib Dems.

I do wonder who that tenth Scottish Blog is, if you have an idea please let me know in the comments. I see Andrew Reeves is bubbling under at 119. Anyone in the 18 spots ahead of that.

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