Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Real Ale, Good Chat, Bloggers et al #ldconf

Real ale and drinking in liberal measure was the order of the day last night in Bournemouth. Following on from the report to conference from the LOGOC with 3 years to go to the Olympiad (see picture) which also helped to line the stomach it was off the the Goat and Tricycle for a slightly less crowded bar, that Old Harry's on Sunday, for the Lib Dem Blogosphere and friends to met up away from the bustle.

There was a rumour that Mick Fealty of best non-Lib Dem blog of the year Slugger O'Toole was going to appear, but a scoop on the Lisbon Treaty poll kept him at his keyboard just down the coast. His BOTY is still in my careful possession, after accepting it on his behalf while he was mistakenly told the main bar at the Marriott was where he wanted to be on Sunday. The Lib Dem Voice team and myself and still trying to investigate which of our elected representative's staffers didn't know where the BOTYs were taking place and misdirected a man with an Irish accent.

Anyhoo back to last night and with a full menu of guest ales on tap, the Lib Dems had a very sociable evening coming from either being armchair athletes like me, or getting deluded about the god that is Richard Dawkins (Lib Dem Voter) or some other Fringe event. It was nice to not have to compete with the personal space and noice of hundreds of other delegates and have a good chat. Of course being in England the pub started chucking us out before midnight and before Daddy Alex* turned into a pumpkin we retreated either to bed, or the Marriott.

*It may have been someone else who said that.

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