Tuesday, 1 September 2009

So Long Fringe, See You Next Year #edfringe

I know there is still a week to go of the International Festival but yesterday for me marked the end of Festival season here in Edinburgh. No longer will I have to hear a comedian mentioning trams and bin collection, at least I hope my next August these two issues will have less impact on the Fringe. Also in a weeks time I'll no longer have that worry of having to battle the flow from the Royal Mile to the the loads of coaches parked on Chambers Street.

So what did may Fringe consist of? Eleven shows, one complimentary in preview, one on the free Fringe, the rest paid for. Several nights of star spotting around the Pleasance, when I say spotting often going up and talking to them as well in my case. Several drinks purchased at many temporary al fresco bars, yes even in the rain, and on one night outside on the veranda of permanent pubs.

It's been a mix of the established Marcus Brigstocke, Peter Duncan, through the rising Pappy's Fun Club, Pippa Evans. The next big thing Daniel Sloss and the good youthful productions Why Not? with Slice of Saturday Night and Jigsaw with Johnny Meister and the Stitch. There was the weird and wacky in Lady Bug Warrior and the constantly changing Scratch - The Reduced Edinburgh Fringe Improv Show. Also the bet winning Marc Hogan, kept that pound safe now.

In the middle of all this Edinburgh has kept moving. I've been at work the whole Fringe, something I intend to rectify at least in part next year. Lib Dems have carried on meeting, Edinburgh Central had a short business meeting in the Pleasance Courtyard one evening. The Bloggers and the Scottish Researchers Group of H2G2 also had what appear on both counts now to be an annual pilgrimage to the Festival city.

I know from the comments and links through that many have found my reviews helpful, and in case of a number of performers cheering as all sorts of links from them have appeared. I'll not be so crude as to list the top hits of the reviews. However, recently Johnny Meister and the Stitch has been picking up a lot of interest ahead of their run at the Dublin Fringe this month, if you can get along an see it, you'll have a great evening.

Comedy doesn't leave Edinburgh for the year of course, nor do musicals and theatre. Some of the venues are temporary but some are permanent. So until next year this is the end of my Fringe coverage for 2009.

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