Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Nearly One Of the Best Blogs Thrice

Well I now have the complete set. This blog is now official nearly one of the best blogs.

After coming 11th in Scotland, then 11th Lib Dem, this morning I complete the set of being a nearly blog by being 101st in the Overall Total Politics Tops Blogs List 2009. Never in the history of political blogger has one blog come so close, so often to being in the lists that everyone decides to copy and paste. Yes folks one spot away from fame on all three counts.

Thank you everyone for reading and voting to make this minor mathematical miracle come to pass. Congratulations to the 10 Lib Dem and Scottish Blogs that did make it into in the top 100, well done all 19 of you. Yes, the maths is correct Caron was in both lists.

Indeed I'm also proud of the fact that Caron has be shortlisted for Lib Dem Blog of the year, also announced this morning. Also Cllr Fraser MacPherson and Willie Rennie MP are representing Scotland in the Best Blog by an Elected Representative category. Jo Swinon's tweeting may have made the 3rd page of Soctland on Sunday at the weekend but it has also earned her a place in the Best use of blogging/social networking/e-campaigning by a Lib Dem category. I'm sort of represented in a very small percentage in the fact that Northern Irish blog Slugger O'Toole to which I contribute and insiders outside looking perspective from time to time make the best non-Lib Dem Blog category.

I know that a few of my readers said they were nominating me for those awards, so thank you, even though I did not make any of the shortlists. Also thanks for all the vote in the Total Politics poll I went up in every category bar the Scottish where I stayed at 11th. I hope you have had an educational, inspirational and thought provoking year reading this blog, and even the odd laugh. I'll do my best to ensure that you continue to do so over the coming year.

P.S. Oh and look out for my piece on the Scottish Blogosphere in the book.


  1. Well, you have gone up 46 places since last year, so that's fabulous, and the list is 300 long, so you are well and truly in there at the top.

  2. I shouldn't giggle but when I saw you were at 101 it jumped out and I thought, "he'll be spitting blood!!"

    It is a spooky coincidence isn't it?

    Well done anyway, even 101 is spectacular when you consider there's thousands of blogs.

  3. I always knew Caron and Charlotte would make top whatever. Well done both of you.

    There are some blogs I read which deserve further publicity and are not registered in any voting system (out of choice for many).

    I do my wee bit each Saturday to introduce one or two because it's not accolades which makes a blog, it's the writer, readers and content.