Tuesday, 18 October 2011

You'll not continue to walk in ignorance

For me it has now been over half my lifetime from the match I never got to, but for 96 it was the day their lives ended.

Unlike 'The Truth' headline that one paper which I, and many others associated with Liverpool, refuse to to read to this day the truth will soon be revealed. Parliament tonight voted to release the papers. It will not of course bring back the 96 who lost their lived that day at Hillsborough but it will allow the families to get closure over just what happened on that day. Why only one ambulance was able to get unto the pitch to offer assistance. Why fans were told off by police and stewards when they started to spill over unto the pitch when things started to get dangerous in the Lepping Road End rather than assistance being given.

To the 96 and their familes You'll Never Walk Alone and today the MPs have also said you shall not continue to walk in ignorance.

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