Monday, 3 October 2011

Anything Jone Samuelson can do....

Yesterday Mark Cole brought you the delights of possibly the longest headed goal in footballing history.

That was in a Norwegian match. Well those crafty Spaniards hate being outdone by one of the smaller footballing nations (come to think of it they hate being outdone by Germany, Italy or England as well). So step forward Eduardo Gonzalez for a perfectly timed sliding tackel on Valencia's Sergio Canales who had already but his team one up against Granada.

A sliding tackle you say, how can that beat a long headed goal? Well because Señor Gonzalez was the man in black, and actually in black. So this may be the first time that the referee has executed a sliding tackle on a ball dribbling player.

Slide tackle referee Valencia vs Granada by greekgoalsellas

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