Monday, 3 October 2011

L, the U and Everything: A-Z of the Music I have C is for Crowded House

I was looking through my Cs in my record collection and came across the fifteen year old Farewell to the World album by one of my favourite bands, especially live. I do have all the studio albums as well. Of course the farewell only lasted 10 years as other bands were coming back in the mid 90s so too did Crowded House.

A little bit of Crowded House trivia for you the Finn brothers were actually called Cornelius Mullane and Brian Timothy. So I reckon that they got the best possible names out of what their parents gave them to be pop stars. Corny and Brian Finn, no that's not right.

However, my choice is the live version of the song that I quite often think of in Ireland or Scotland.

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