Wednesday, 12 October 2011

National coming out day - it ain't always easy but it's worth it

Today is National Coming Out Day a day that those of us who have come out as LGBT encourage others that it isn't that hard and surprisingly you'll get a lot of support when you do. Last year I wrote about some of the various comings out that I've ended up having to do.

Of course each person has to decide when to come out and to whom they want to come out. After a year in Northern Ireland I've learnt that far more of my LGB friends have yet to tell their family despite their friends all knowing about their orientation.

Seeing as today I've spent a lot of time with family at a family funeral I can understand just what sort of decision go through on a regular basis. I seem to be able to tell the members of my generation in the family that I am gay, or they pick up the not full on messages a lot easier than the older generation. The fact that I am the oldest member of my generation in the extended family and still have no 'wife' is always an issue that causes a few eyebrows to be raised. Although less times now is the initial question followed up with no doubt you'll find the right girl.

However, talking to one of my politically active second cousins (yeah none of us know where we got it from) it seemed second nature to drop in a comment about one of the party they work for having had a bit of a rant with me about LGBT issues.

For all my friends whether fully out, partially out, or only out to other LGBT people. Have a good day, and if you've chosen today to tell someone new I hope it has gone well, but no matter what it does get better.

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