Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Five on the Fifth October 2011

It is that time of month again to celebrate the 5th of the month with 5 pictures that fit into the theme chosen by Stephen Chapman. Stop by the link to have a look at what everyone else has done.

Therefore it is with great pleasure that I present to you this month's selection on the theme of pleasure.

I cannot tell a little lie, the weather here for the past few days has been terrible, so bar one of these the pictures are not recently taken (wouldn't be much pleasure in that). However all are from the last month.

It is conference season and I get an inane pleasure from getting up in front of people and actually speaking so here I am.

And when our conference is over, well I've been watching the others laptop in hand and sometimes playing chess as I watch.

Of course it no secret that I enjoy a certain sport and play it summer and winter. The weather may have turned but this is what I enjoy.

One thing I wish I could afford to do more, is sail, but every time I have it has given me pleasure.

Finally, a few comments were  that my apparel at a recent family wedding brought great pleasure. So here I am enjoying myself.


  1. Very nice selection, but (as you'll have guessed) it's your having a 'twirl' that really fascinates. And I reckon you know why. ;-)

  2. All the photos are lovely and it is easy to see how you would derive pleasure from all of those activities. I'm really drawn to the sail boat photo. Just seeing them out of the water makes it feel unusual.

  3. Great photos. Love the sailboats. Almost eerie to see them out of water. Looks like you had a good time at the wedding!

  4. No idea what you mean Raybeard ;-)

    Yeah I had a few of them sitting moored up in the marina, but thought the one of the boatyard on the land was more iconic.

  5. Thank you for this brilliant glimpse in your pleasures!!


  6. Very nice pics, Stephen. The first one is my fave.

  7. the boats on shore is quite lonely in some odd way.... and you seem to dance with a great deal of zeal!