Friday, 24 September 2010

Who's Where in the Liberal Democrats: A Black Hole

I have just been updating my entry for Who's Who in the Liberal Democrats and interesting exercise when your local party chair is sat on the other end of the sofa adding his.

A few things have changed since the last time I updated. A second Westminster candidacy, a publication, one or two minor tweaks to information here and there. Plus of course a change of address and local party.

Of course updating the address details is simple. However, when it came to the party details there was an issue. I could select my new (well once again) constituency as North Down, my local party as Northern Ireland, it was the region that caused me problems. There is no region that matches the local party, which is hardly surprising. As I've just received a new Scottish membership I kept that as my region. However, when you go to the in your area page on the Lib Dem website you can click on Northern Ireland but not get returned any details.

I find this odd and unsatisfactory, not only do I know we exist but as I said I can see the local party chair out of the corner of my eye as I type. I even been in the address that is listed as my local party contact. So I know that exists too. Yet somehow people without that personal knowledge may have a hard time tracking us down.

One other thing, isn't about time that we added a twitter category to the general information. Even adding a blog as well as website section. After all there were all available on the candidates' detail form for this year.

Update: Mícheál was typing his own take on this at the same time.

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