Friday, 3 September 2010

Is It Really 2500 Posts?

Well actually yes it is the blog post I published earlier today was my 2500th, just on this blog. That is an average of a little under 500 a year over the five year life of this blog, which doesn't even account for the fact I had almost a year long hiatus.

I do know that if you take all my sizeable pieces of writting across the internet (ie not Tweets, comments or forum posts) I am over the 3000 mark as well. All in there are probably in excess of 25,000 indivual contributions of mine on line (and that is being very conservative).

So to mark the event I'm going to look back at the ten mileposts that got me and you dear reader here. Some of you may have been reading from the early days, many of you may have been reading since I returned from a prologed hiatus in 2007. But these are the landmarks along the way.

Post number 250 on the 30th January 2006
Dear Stephen - Dear Ming the leadership election to replace Charles Kennedy was getting under way and this was about an exchange of emails trying to garner my public support. It had already been pledged to another by this time.

Post number 500 on 25th September 2006
Sign Up a Disabled Sportsman to Play for Celtic while the Scottish Executive were wanting sports clubs to integrate more disabled sportspeople into their clubs. I, as a keen advocate of disabled sport point out that while the aim is well intentioned the practical in actual competition does cause issues in a number, though not all, sports.

Post number 750 on 3rd July 2008
Thank You Nicol another leadership resignation, this time from the Scottish leader. A look back to all that Nicol Stephen had given to the Scottish party since he replaced Jim Wallace.

Post number 1000 on 30th October 2008

It's Thursday, It's ITV, It's Top of the Pops when there were rumours that Simon Cowell was looking to buy the rights for TOTP 2 years after it was axed by the BBC and bring it back to ITV. The observant of you will have noticed that it hasn't come back yet almost 2 years further on.

Post number 1250 on 2nd March 2009

Flash Morph Tribute probably one of the greatest tributes to a childhood hero ever. When Tony Hart passed away a Flash Mob of plasticine lookalikes of his sidekick assembled at the Tate Modern. Also one of my shortest blog posts at 48 words.

Post number 1500 on 14th July 2009
Time Ticks By But the Councils Not for Turning my other great love football hits the spot on this one. In Livingston FC's darkest hour I did a lot of posts this one on the councils attitude to the debt they were owed.

Post number 1750 on 30th October 2009
It's the Weekend So... the very first of my regular series or pre-written YouTube influenced blogposts to kick the weekend into being. Also exactly one year on and 750 entries since the 100th (see above). The debut 5pm on Friday post feature the South Park gang singing Lady Gaga's Poker Face.

Post Number 2000 on 19th January 2010
A One-man Band That's Playing Out of Tune a look at the lack of strength in depth in the Tory front bench team. Oh yeah and Lord Tebbit has something nice to say about the man who was to become Deputy Prime Minister, possibly the first occurance of #IAgreeWithNick.

Post Number 2250 on 4th April 2010

Cameron Says "Vote Lib Dem and You Become King Makers"
well actually he didn't. But I pointed out from what he did actually say that he was endorsing what Nick Clegg was saying about the way the people were looking to vote and eventually did.

Post Number 2500 on 3rd September 2010

Is Group Blogging the New Black? I knew I wanted something substantive for the milestone. The launch of the collaborative blog Better Nation, plus the change in my own personal circumstances and blogging itinery lead to this reflective piece looking back and forward at blogging in both Scotland and Northern Ireland. (Plus loads of Wikio points for a lot of people).

Footnote I did the research to find the first nine of the above entries back in early to mid August. I scheduled it into my future publication at a time I thought it would roughly be needed; taking into account the move, blogging frequency etc. That date was set for 15th September! Guess I've had a good little spurt of late.

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