Saturday, 11 September 2010

New Yorkers Rally FOR Islamic Centre

Yesterday was the last day of Ramadan as well as the eve of the remembrace of 9/11. However, a few blocks away from Ground Zero in Manhattan there was an interesting gathering (watch here).

At the site of the proposed Islamic centre ordinary New Yorkers mingled with Muslims neighbours to hold a rally in support of the centre being build. I particulary like the comment of one personn the clip who say the people of New York had welcomed the centre and already approved it there was no opposition from the city of New York. all the objections came from elsewhere.

Let us not forget on this day that the people of New York want, desire and deserve to get back to normality. For them a city of many cultures, many faiths, many mother tongues they have been co-existing tooth by jowl since the establishment of the city as the disembarkation point of the immigrants.

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