Thursday, 2 September 2010

My Song of the Month: August 2010

Last month going to my first live gig in what seems likes far too long I decided to do a new monthly feature. I thought I'd do a new feature at the end of each month let you share the song of my month. It may be the song that means something to me, the one I couldn't stop singing (out loud or in my head), the one I kept presses play and repeat on various formats, the one that sums up my month, its moods, its events etc.

Therefore I was going to post this one before a minor hiccup made me reconsider the whole scheme. But I say what the heck. A plan is worth doing if you stick to it warts and all, mixed emotions, feelings the lot.

This was my song for August and it actually ticks all the the boxes above. Enjoy.

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