Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Loss of a Father: Those Final Hours

David Cameron with his father Ian and mother Mary on the
campaign trail earlier this year.

There is nothing quite like the phone call that comes telling you that a parent who is far away, at least a plane flight, has taken suddenly ill and may have only hours to live.

For me that call came in February 2007 just like the one that the Prime Minister David Cameron received today. All other thoughts run out of your head, the only initial thought is get me there as quickly as I can. You drop everything, just like in a fire drill and work, live, everything takes a backseat. While entourage may not have been as well organised or big as the Prime Ministers it was still my brother and sister-in-law who were already in Northern Ireland that arranged my travel, whilst I got ready to be in a position to fly.

Whether it is Easyjet or with the assistance of a helicopter from the French Prime Minster once you start moving your one hope is that you get there on time. For me sadly I was starting my descent into Belfast International and had just located the Marie Curie Centre on a clear night, at the moment my father passed on. David Cameron it appears was somewhat more fortunate and made in time for his father's last moment in this life.

Whether there were any last words exchanged that is a matter for the family, but he managed to get those last final moments that in years to come will seem so dear.

My condolences to and thoughts and prayers are with David Cameron and all his family as they now prepare for the funeral of Ian Cameron. Not only today has he lost a father but not too long ago also a son.

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