Friday, 3 September 2010

Bagpuss, O Bagpuss

Last night at about 11pm shock horror the screen on my laptop went totally blank and no amount of turning it on or off was sorting it out. Also I was unable to access the task manager or anything sensible. Of course the loss of my laptop now isn't the end of connectivity to the world, but it is my personal window on it.

So I crawled into bed. Left it on beside me and cuddled up to Bagpuss (don't laugh, I happen to have a special connection to that cat). However, a fitful sleep in which I awoke several times there was still no life in the screen of the laptop. That was until the final time I dropped. When I awoke my laptop was vibrant, bursting with energy and inviting me to log back on.

I must have missed Madeleine and Gabriel, the mice on the Mouse Organ and Professor Yaffle turning up. But they do appear to have fixed it.

1 comment:

  1. Well, that Professor Yaffle was always going to be a computer nerd!

    Glad it got fixed. I wonder if it just overheated. Hope it stays sorted.