Sunday, 29 August 2010

Two Who

The next series or Doctor Who is going to have a mid-season split after seven episodes, which what Steven Moffat calls a "game-changing cliffhanger" at Easter "an earth-shattering climax". It will return in the autumn with a run of six episodes.

It is not as The Grand Moff says splitting the series in two but making it two distinct series on the same budget with same number of shows. It means there will not be the long wait from the end of the series until the Christmas special. It also means that it is closer to the story arcing of the original series which had a story over a number of weeks before moving on. With the Moff in charge of that arc which will add to his other punctuations in the series even under Russell T. Davies.

It gives the Moff two premieres, and two climaxes. No doubt a return of his other vehicle Sherlock will also fill the schedules after its success this summer.

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