Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I Pity the Fool: Ten More Things that Rupert Murdoch Doesn't Own

Following the success of yesterday's blog post about the bits of Sky that Rupert Murdoch doesn't own I thought I'd better turn attention to the name of the man himself.

  • 10. Murdoch is a large, strong orange tender engine and the largest steam engine on the lsland at least in the TV adaptation of Reverend W. V. Awdry's Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
  • 9. Junior Officers in the British Army are nicknamed Rupert apparently because they epitomise the public school values as in Rupert the Bear (see below)
  • 8. 9138_Murdoch an asteroid in the asteroid belt.
  • 7. The paradummies used by the British in World War II were nicknamed Rupert. Looks like Murdoch isn't the first dummy associated with sky.
  • 6. Rupert and Murdock are a pair of Canadian rivers the former one of the largest rivers in Quebec flowing into James Bay and the latter in the Sudbury District of central Ontario
  • 5. Rupert Grint, flame haired actor who forever will be in the public memory as Ron Weasly from the Harry Potter series of films.
  • 4. Iris Murdoch the late author and philosopher who was bestowed the honourary Doctorate at my own graduation.
  • 3. Rupert the Bear. Created in 1920 by Mary Tourtel and appears in the Daily Express which is the flagship of Express Newspapers and not part of Murdoch's News International
  • 2. Captain "Howling Mad" Murdock, if you can find him, if you're brave enough to fly with him he is one quarter of the A-Team
  • 1. The at the time fictional tenth planet* in the Solar System beyond Pluto as written by Douglas Adams in Mostly Harmless. However, just by Mr Murdoch's recent activity maybe a Rupert orbiting the Sun way out there isn't that strange after all.

* Researchers on H2G2 refer to the time in limbo between Douglas's Digital Village running the site and the BBC taking it over affectionately as 'Rupert' in honour of this fictitious planet that nobody could see.

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