Friday, 13 August 2010

It's Friday....So Patricia Neal Sood Still

Well it is Friday so I'm going to let you in on some of what I got up to this week and linked into what happened last weekend.

As Patricia Neal, who died during the week, starred in The Day the Earth Stood Still it is just cause to show you this which mentions her co-star Michael Rennie in the opening line.

As Mat Bowles who gets my hat tip says it isn't perfect in places but good none the less. But hey as it was the tenth anniversary of H2G2's Scottish Researchers Group last Saturday it is also an excuse to link to something I wrote earlier in another place.

Of course as well as H2G2 last weekend I also combined it with Neil Hannon of the Divine Comedy, of course not for the first time. His jazzed up performance of the song that merges the two doesn't have the visuals but here is the opening version of the song that goes with the immortal toast.

In my post earlier this week I did mention that the Skye Boat Song was something that Rupert Murdoch didn't own, so I was considering posting a version of it here. After all, Edinburgh's Tattoo is on at the moment, you can hardly move on the High Street and if you are trying to get around at the wrong time of the evening at the top of the Royal Mile or thereabouts forget it. But I thought of something a little more upbeat was appropriate.

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