Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ten Things that Rupert Murdoch Doesn't Own

Following the news (EXCLUSIVE TO SKY) that Rupert Murdoch claims he owns the Sky© in Skype here are ten things he doesn't own.

10. The Skye Bridge lyrics written by Sir Harold Boulton, Bart. (1859 - 1935)
9. The Skyways Hotel, London or in any other location
8. The Sky at Night still screened on BBC
7. Himmelbjerget also known as the Sky Mountain in Denmark
6. Skypark in Glasgow
5. The Skye Boat song
4. Sky Blue Way, owned by the people of Coventry in honour of their football team.
3. The Minneapolis Skyway System
2. He is not one third of the MPs for Ross, Skye and Lochaber that is our own Charles Kennedy.
1. Last I checked the sky itself was still public property

I would add the movie Vanilla Sky, but would you want to and Sky Movies© probably already own rights to show it.

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