Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Lib Dems and Tories are Taking Action in the Rage Against Labour's Treasured Faulty Machine

There is a rather excellent article by Simon Jenkins in today's Guardian and one that the We Got Rage Against the Machine to Number One I've Voting Liberal Democrat Lib Dem voters turned doubters would do well to note.

It talks about the contrast between the Tory/Lib Dem coalition realising the public expenditure system is faulty and the Labour machine failing to ignore that there is anything wrong as that this is the way we promised things in 1945 and that is the way they should be.

He lists examples such as "Andrew Lansley's bid to dismantle tottering NHS bureaucracy. He wants to do it not by slicing budgets, which seldom works, but by removing layers, which might." David Cameron's question of the "static poor" who soak up particularly larger housing stock for life when their own needs change over time.

Instead of just railing against the benefits cheats, waste, fraudulent spending, the concept of entitlement and the individuals relationship with the state, the current Government appears set to do something about it. The must radical shake up since the 1940s when the post-war Labour Government set much of the machinery in motion. Sadly as the machinery is either broken, or out of date but anyway is largely no longer fit for purpose and needs a radical overhaul.

Looking at what the Lib Dems promised in our manifesto it was a radical overview and reappraisal of the Government machine. We promised to overhaul of taxation, benefits and so many other Government departments. We promised to cut out a lot of the red tape and make the wheels of Government run smoothly again. Basically in the terms of the machine metaphor giving it an oil change is only part of the requirement, checking if any efficiency can be made with new parts is also a part of the thorough service.

In conclusion Jenkins says:

"To do Nick Clegg and his Lib Dems justice, they have at least engaged. Through the happenstance of the electoral system, they are joined in the most vigorous debate British politics has seen in half a century. Labour knew last year that some suchcrisis was in the offing; there were signs of Alistair Darling and others steeling themselves for the fray. Now the left has removed itself to doze on planet 1945. One day it must return."

So if the rage against the machinists are a little upset with some of what the Lib Dems are doing in Government look at what they are considering doing to the machine. A full overhaul, with the Lib Dems in there to uphold the values we hold unto so that Cameron isn't to ride totally roughshod over those in need. Labour are just opening their mouths in protest without a real alternative, indeed with a real grip on the reality of today.

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