Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Word from Our Returning Officer

No doubt on election night somewhere between 1 and 2 A.M. if all goes smoothly Alex Linkston and his staff will be getting well deserved thanks for another well run count. polling day operation etc. Indeed in all the years I have known Alex and his organisational skills not once has the team let him down (machinery is a totally different issue from 2007).

Therefore he has a message for the people who can vote in either Livingston or Linlithgow and East Falkirk, in today's Queensbury Gazette and Linlithgow Gazette which I'm sure will be in the West Lothian Courier on Thursday, here it is in full.

"If you are going to be away from home before June 3 you could also consider voting by post. Now is also the time to register for a postal vote. A snap election is a possibility , so it's worth remembering that all applications to vote by post and to register to vote must be received by 11 working days before polling day.

"It is therefore important that all eligible electors check that they are registered to vote now. And if you know you will want to use a postal vote to apply now, rather that wait for the deadline to arrive."

To learn more you can check out the council's website: www.westlothian.gov.uk/aboutmyvote You can also check whether you are registered on the electoral roll at Council Information Services (CIS) centres.

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  1. Good news if he's sticking to overnight counting.