Thursday, 11 February 2010

This Wimmen Tis Fa Turning

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a grey haired leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party said:

"You turn if you want to. The Lady's not for turning."

What would Baroness Thatcher make of this?

Before 12:30 during First Minister's questions Annabel Goldie told the First Minister:

"Many questions need to be answered and must be answered if Miss Sturgeon is to retain the confidence of this Parliament."

Yet within a couple of hours when an emergency meeting of the Bureau met to discuss the possibility of an emergency statement, the SNP said no and when it went to the vote the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Nationalist Party as they have done so often voted with the SNP so those questions will not be answered swiftly.

Annabel is not so much the iron lady, as the ironing lady, dashing away with the smoothing iron, to smooth the path for a increasingly trouble Alex Salmond and the SNP who have also announced that their plans to introduce the Referendum Bill plans were now shifting to after the general election.


  1. I'm taking a different view from you on the whole issue, but, yes, I was quite amused by the continued SNP Tory love in.

    Annabel's tone was significantly less condemnatory than the others at FMQs, which was recognised by Salmond. They really are in coalition, aren't they?

  2. Not totally different, I've not called for her resignation, I merely think that in this case merely paying back is not the right course to be taken. Putting back on my old DSS fraud section hat.

    I have noted that we are on that rarity, different paths, in an update of the first blog of the day on this issue.