Sunday, 28 February 2010

Land of Hope and Tory?!?

All this talk of David Cameron's "patriotic duty" to oust Labour reminds this Northern Irish born blogger of his Ulster Unionist partners too much.

In 1995 the Orange Order march at Drumcree claimed it was their right to march down Queen's highway, through the Garvaghy Road estate. One of the prominent marchers on that day and the subsequent marches was the then local MP for Lagan Valley and now Conservative Peer David Trimble.

So as you can imagine I've had far too much of flag waving patriotism in politics. In 2001 William Hague was counting down the number of days to save the pound. Strangely by staying out of the Euro we appear to have nothing better to protect our economy that some of those nations within the Eurozone so that appears to be misplaced patriotism. Also before the Tories complain they backed all the loosening of controls on the banking sector along the way.

This talk of patriotism that only the Tories can sort out Britain is coming when opinion polls are showing that the Tory lead is down to only two points. It is because the top two hero of Conservative candidates are Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill, two people related to patriotism. With the Falklands issue brewing evoking Thatcherite patriotism is one thing, that Cameron may be hoping turns his fortunes around.

I'm just fearing the time that the Conservatives rejig the lyrics to Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 to "Land of Hope and Tory".

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