Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Nigel Griffiths - Calendar Boy! Eek! or Oops!


It appears that Nigel Griffiths has mailed out a 2010 calendar to the constituents of Edinburgh South which only arrived on Monday, hours after he announced he was resigning. On it he claims he is "Here to help you 365 days a year".

Firstly the first first 31 were clearly not important enough so only 11 months of the calendar are of us. Plus in April when Gordon is expected to dissolve Parliament Nigel will only be here for you if you lucky enough to be enrolled at the international educational establishment he is heading off to in London. So therefore I reckon you may be lucky to have him for 62 days of that particular Calendar.

According to comments it is a glossy affair, as indeed were his 2009, 2008 etc calendars.

Some of the tweets about it were

Neil Pooran: "Bravely tragically, someone was out delivering leaflets for Nigel Griffiths last night" as he posted a picture of the soon-to-be ex-Labour MP's 2010 calendar sitting on his kitchen table.

Jennetw: "Just got 2010 calendar from Nigel Griffiths through my letterbox: 'Working all year round, not just at election time'. Apparently not!"

A Labour party spokesman is trying to fob it off as part of the normal MP communication. If that's the case where is my calendar from Michael Connarty? I suspect this fits into that grey area between communication and campaigning, I hope some mention of it is made on the Edinburgh South Labour election expenses return from the period from 1 January to the start of the campaign.

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