Wednesday, 17 February 2010

How Green are Your Tories?

The other day the Conservatives listed their 10 reasons to vote for them.

  • 1. The NHS - our number one priority.
  • 2. Dealing with Labour’s debt crisis.
  • 3. Creating new jobs.
  • 4. Protecting the poorest.
  • 5. Supporting families.
  • 6. Giving every child a good education.
  • 7. Helping keep bills down and clamping down on consumer rip-offs.
  • 8. Fairness for pensioners.
  • 9. Fighting back against crime.
  • 10. Building more affordable homes.

In 2006 David Cameron wrote:

"Since becoming leader of the Conservative Party I have sought to push the environment up to the top of the political agenda."

Now it doesn't even make the top ten. So much for Dave's promises to a pack of huskies.

If he can't be trusted over promises to Canis lupus familiaris how much more can us Homo Sapiens expect to trust his promises.

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