Friday, 12 February 2010

It's Friday so...Winter Olympics

Today the winter Olympics kick off so how about a little look at some of those Olympic sports just not at they would be able to perform in that competition.

Of course we need that thing of beauty the BBC ident to kick us all off.

First up there is this video of Alexei Yagudin in 2005. I'm sure Wendy Fraser and Caron Lindsay with both appreciate the gratuitous shirt removal half way.

So moving on to the pairs and here we have the odd couple in 1993 at the World's gold medalist Kurt Browning and silver medalist Elvis Stojko 'paired' off with this.

Of course watching this it would be hard to believe Kurt Browning was once a World Champion, or then again maybe not.

Ok what about some British involvement. How about some Highland Ice Dancing from the British stars John and Sinead Kerr. Watch out for a rather unorhtodox lift that gets a gasp from the crowd at 2:41 into this and again at 3:01. Which seeing as my ex used to attend the same highland teacher as these two would be interesting to get her take on this.

So there you have it. Qualifying for the Ski Jumping is first up you can see that at 18:00 on the BBC Red Button, the Open Ceremonry kicks off live at 01:45 on BBC2 and the red button.


  1. Really can't wait for the Winter Olympics. So exited xD

  2. Stephen, off thread sorry. I have removed the link to you on my Nicola Sturgeon post. Thought I would let you know. I had no idea a few words would cause so much of a problem. Lesson learned.