Friday, 1 January 2010

Year of the Nearly Blog - Month Delta

Well it is the start of a new year, (the disputed) start of a new decade but of course it is that time of month where I get to reveal what has happened in December on my nearly blog. Compliment of the month came from Alex Wilcock who called me "the lovely Stephen Glenn" on Hogmanay. Iain Dale also managed to link to me five times this month. When after the first three I accused him of flirting with me he said "you wish", so no love bombing from the Tories top blogger then.

Because of my disastrous November my Wikio Political ranking dropped from 34 to 45, the possibility of climbing back into the top 40 as a result of my 103 blogposts last month may well come to be in the next week. But while we await Wikio with baited breathe on with what we do know.

Last month I had 2,667 absolute unique visitors down from 1,271 in October. They made 3,874 (2,024) visits and 4,627 (2,486) page views. So back up over 117% over the previous month but which was to be expected for a fortnight of turmoils and no weekend postings. My busiest day was the 7th December the day on the back of a second consecutive entry on Iain Dale's Daily Dozen.

[Compared to problem free October's 2,516 AUVs +6.81%, 3,863 visits +0.28%, 4,671 page views -0.94%]

But that's enough of the procrastinating on with what you're all waiting for my top 11s* for November.
Top referring sites were:

1. (-) Iain Dale
2. (1) Google
3. (2) Direct Hits
4. (3) Lib Dem Blogs
5. (8) SNP Tactical Voting
6. (5) Lib Dem Voice
7. (4) Twitter
8. (6) Blogger
9. (10) Google/referral
11. (11) Planet Politics

I only wrote 103 new contributions to the blog way up from the 48 managed last month, and I was still shaking my head from when I realised that. The 11 stories that you've been reading most (by direct page views) are:

1. BBC Fail to Answer My Concerns
2. My View on Sports Personality of the Year
3. Blogging Bias of the Times or Ignorance of @JoanMcAlpine
4. Goodbye Mrs Robinson
5. There Have Been Too Many Goodbyes
6. Lib Dem Gain in Bearsden South
7. Sad, Yet IMHO, Wrong Move Charlotte
8. Wave That Flooded Glasgow #TheWave
9. I'm a Bit Disappointed with Nick Clegg
10. Letter to My Sixteen Year Old Self
11. Price of Twelve Days of Christmas Shows Modest Increase

Where did you all come from? Well again you remained at around the 60 countries up from 59. I feel I may be doing a comparison of the full countries at some point. So in order, and no surprises at the top.

1. (1) United Kingdom
2. (2) USA
3. (3) Canada
4. (5) France
5. (4) Ireland
6. (8) Australia
7. (11) Germany
8. (-) Hungary
9. (43 =) Spain
10. = (16=) Belgium
10. = (7) India

* Hey you must know the score by now, eleven all the way.

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