Sunday, 17 January 2010

2010: Living in the Future (38 Years On)

In 1972 Geoffrey Hoyle wrote a children's book called 2010: Living in the Future.

Well 2010 is now the present, so take a look at the book on Tumblr courtesy of Daniel Sinker and see how close and far out some of the predictions are. Also see how some mix futuristic ideas with old school technology. You can even add a comment if you want.

A interesting thing to have stumbled upon on a Sunday afternoon. Indeed reading it I have a feeling that I actually have read this before, back in the 70s. It would have been the sort of book I would have picked up at my local library.

UPDATE: It gets better Daniel has managed to track down the author and has sent him an email to find out how he thinks the real 2010 compares with his vision of it. There is a Facebook group that was set up to find him, I look forward to hearing any potential response.


  1. Oh wow! I remember reading that several times when I was a boy; my copy's probably still in my parents' loft somewhere. Thanks for the link - I'll make the time to enjoy it all over again...

  2. Glad to have sparked the memory, it certainly did mine. Scrolling through the pages sure brought some memories back.