Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Emotive Boyzone Single Released

I will learn to live before I die,
Will learn to love and learn to try,
Not to give it all away.

These are the first words of the new Boyzone single Gave it All Away (due to be released 1 March). Hauntingly they are sung by Stephen Gately who takes lead vocals on this track. These are the last vocals he laid down before heading to Majorca.

To be fair the shortest member of the band did seem to live life to the full. As well as the band's new record, he was working on a children's book when he died. He'd also appeared the iconic musical roles of Joseph and the child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

He'd also learned to love and Andy Cowles his partner was a very lucky man to be the one who received that love, must personally. But also Keith, Shane Mikey and Ronan had the love of their 'brother' Steo. He was far more than just a band mate to them. They have done an excellent job of remembering and honouring him in this video and you can see their emotions riding close to the surface.

All I can say is have the tissues to hand before you press play.

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