Sunday, 24 January 2010

Goldie Fingers

She wants public sector workers who earn over £18,000 to have their pay frozen.

She wants government agencies to cut back on "non-essential" spending.

Yet she has been claiming £10,000 in first class travel between Edinburgh and Bishopton in Renfrewshire

Of course she doesn't really care what you think saying that David Cameron can get by without support in Scotland.

Step forward Annabel Goldfingers.


  1. Interestingly Annabelle doesn't have a flat in Edinburgh. Let's take a look at Mike Rumbles who spent 10k in one year (2005/2006)supporting his flat in Edinburgh , on top of all his expenses for going home at weekends either by car or train (1st class). Annabelle sounds cheap in comparision. Let's not even get onto Nicol Stephen and his flipping expenses

  2. You are not seriously saying the Mike Rumbles should have commuted from Edinburgh to Aberdeenshire every day are you?

    However, in the same year that Annabel is telling civil servants only earning 80% gross more, less than 10% net, what she has claimed on a first class ticket. And telling others to cut 'uneccesary' public spending excessed it is a bit rich.

    Standard class is perfectly adequate. I have worked that way the whole way across.

  3. Admirably I checked on some closer to home Lib-Dem MSP's who are situated in Edinburgh, Margaret Smith and Mike Pringles, Both of whom managed to comfortably exceed Annabelle's expenses in 2008-2099 and are continuing to do so in 2009-2010. How you may ask do they manage that? Perhaps it's because Lib-Dems have been asked to be imaginative in their expenses such a £3 for toilet roll.