Saturday, 9 January 2010

Bonspeil a Victim of Health and Safety

It appears that ice conditions on the Lake of Menteith near Aberfoyle is not the reason that the Bonspeil or Grand Match of curling is not to go ahead next week.

The Bonspeil where 2,000 competitors come together to compete in the open may well now be confined to history and the last such event in 1979 may be the end of the road. The emergency services said they were unable to guarantee the safety of the competitors and spectators.

The statement from the Royal Caledonian Curling Club expressed their disappointment that these extreme winter conditions couldn't lead to the event that has captured many peoples imagination. While confident that the ice was of the required depth however, they did state the reason why there will be no match is :

"It has not proved possible to address all health and safety concerns and receive the full backing of the emergency services within the timescales involved.

"Without achieving this it would be impossible to gain the necessary insurance to hold the event.

"Every possible effort has been made to facilitate this unique event but it has been acknowledged that public safety must remain the primary concern."

Curling has been taking place on the Lake of Menteith for the past week. But Supt Davie Flynn of Central Scotland Police has said:

"We understand the attraction of such an event and recognise this is an unique opportunity for people passionate about their sport to participate in.

"However, there are clear and obvious risks and the safety of the public could not be guaranteed."

He also went on to say that it was not known exactly how thick the ice was. He's also tried to pass blame unto other public bodies saying that they were discouraging people from walking on ice on frozen lakes and rivers. Adding that he had concerns about the traffic of people wishing to attend over rural B-Roads.

Here is a montage of pictures from 2001 when it wasn't as cold or for as long as this winter. But even then there was hope of a Bonspeil


  1. I knew this was going to happen. Good old 'Great' Britain.

  2. "However, there are clear and obvious risks and the safety of the public could not be guaranteed."

    Welcome to the real world, mind yer step.

    H+S Fascism once again curtailing our freedoms, who will stand up to these pen pushes and jobsworths?

    It's a sad day when fear, for that's what it is, determines whether we do things.

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