Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Wikio MacBlogopshere Rankings January

Happy New Year. Happy New decade and welcome to the first MacBlogopshere Wikio political rankings for 2010

First up I am going to start with an apology, with all the anticipation of the Bon Spiel being playable this year for the first time since 1979 I stumbled across Bishop Hill. Who describes himself as "not a bishop... not actually called Hill either...but an Englishman who lives in rural Scotland" who should have been on previous listings.

So at the top Tom Harris has retaken the number 6 spot from Tory Bear to great rejoicing. That Cute GreekBaby clearly can't handle all this ice and snow and has slipped from number 16 where he has been entrenched down to 18. Even our top journo Alex Massie has continued to slide going down to number 25.

However, it is hot on his heals that we find a name that I wasn't expected to see this month. Last month I wrote:

"With the Dundee wifey and the Burghmeister hanging up their keyboards and undoubtedly about to start dropping down and out of the top 100 we do wonder who is going to step up to join this group in the top 100 next."

Clearly the shutting up shop an reopening tactic is a good one she has climbed 14 to 26. Jeff, who is about to head to Londinium (but we'll still count him as one of us) took a well earned rest at the end of the month and slips 5 places, as do Caron and I. Bishop Hill is next up at 55 dropping just on on last month.

Rantin' Rab is clearly more firm footed and stays at 70, while Underdog slips in just behind. With Two Doctors and Andrew Reeves climbing in just behind to make 4 Scottish blogs between 70 and 75.

UPDATE: When Subrosa was giving the sneak preview of February's rankings I appears that Captain Ranty from Aberdeenshire is at nuber 80. Oops. He will not be overlooked in future.

Yousuf has had the worst month of any of us within the rankings, slipping to 88th and being the last Scot in the top 100. The Burgmeister has waved cheerio oh to the top 100 having hung up his keyboard. If he returns who knows where he may end up.

As usual here is the complete list with last month's rankings in brackets.

1. Tom Harris MP And another Thing... 6 (7)
2. Mr Eugenides 18 (16)
3. Alex Massie's Spectator Blog 25 (22)
4. Subrosa 26 (40)
5. SNP Tactical Voting 35 (30)
6. Caron's Musings 46 (41)
7. Stephen's Linlithgow Journal 50 (45)
8. Bishop Hill 56 (55)
9. Ranting Rab 70 (70)
10. Underdog Bites Upwards 71 (61)
11. Two Doctors 73 (78)
12. Andrew Reeve's Running Blog 75 (76)
13. Captain Ranty 80 (120)
14. Yapping Yousuf 88 (77)

So until next time when the snow may or may not still be with us, bon chance, bon spiel and careful how you go.


  1. I wonder if Yousuf's demise (if we can call it that) has been the recent regurgitating of uncritical labour spin and often rather rash anti-snp posts.

    I fear that the necessitaties of following the party political machine has maybe done for him.

  2. Stephen, I understand why I've fallen because I've not done much blogging over the last month, but I'm surprised that you, with your links from Dale and Golden Dozens, have not risen. I expected to see you up there with Subrosa this month.

    You've had a bit of a golden month - maybe that shows that the Wikio rankings aren't the be all and end all.