Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Pickles Says Call For a General Election

Wasting no time with Labour, or at least if seems Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt, in turmoil Eric Pickles calls for an immediate General Election. Admittedly we are weeks away from one being called but this is opportunism and also a very badly timed call for such action.

There is talk of the freeze lasting another three weeks, parts of Scotland have been cut off for three weeks and may well be for another 3. So campaigning, voting and counting the ballots in some of the more remote Scottish areas would be impossible for a 3 or 4 week campaign at this time.

Harry Cole (aka Tory Bear) has repeated this call just now on Sky News calling for Gordon to go to the Palace in the morning. Pickles has been saying call an election now for ages. But now is just not the right time, just yet not when large sections of the country are merely knuckled down to survive the winter. Many of us are constantly watching the weather and getting away as soon as we can, or sooner if we need to from work. I have friends all over the place who are working from home because they cannot get into work. Every screen in my office has the BBC local weather open on a number of windows along with the traffic reports.

So yes while I want to see the back of illiberal Labour I don't want an election to be fought when people's safety and livelihoods is at risk in some of our remotest areas. So in the bleak mid-winter is not the time for such opportunism from Pickles or the Tories. Maybe they;ve realised after 4 days of bloopers that 4 months may well do a lot of harm, bring that on.

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