Monday, 4 January 2010

N is for Negative

"Let's make this the year for change – the year when the positive defeats the negative"

Thus spake Dave on Saturday.

But on Monday Tory Bear et al launch their internet campaign to get Labour MP for Kerry McCarthy Bristol East out. As Liberal Vision point out it isn't a campaign with reasons to get Adeela Shafi (her Tory Opponent) in.

The fact that one of the main thrust appears to be Ms McCarthy's expenses maybe these Tories should look at the plank in their own eyes. Or wait until Dave manages to sor out this issue within his own party, both with expenses and non-dom status of peers or Parliamentary candidates.

It is blatantly negative campaigning in the year that their leader is hoping for the positive to defeat the negative.

So I guess David Cameron is hoping that this campaign fails then to fit in with his bright optimistic message of the weekend. Well done Kerry you've just earned the endorsement of David Cameron no less.

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