Friday, 1 January 2010

It's Friday so....a little Light Saber Action

It's Friday, it's 5 and a few minutes. So although it doesn't feel like home time what with it being New Year's Day a tradition is a tradition, even if only a few weeks old.

Found this via Karen Alloy on twitter, who I'd recommend you subscribe to her YouTube Channel.

This however, isn't one of hers just her recomendation hat tip where it's due.

But this is her latest.

And finally thanks to Alex Wilcock for unearthing this gem as we await the 10th regeneration scene of The Doctor later this evening.


  1. Happy New Year, and what a marvellous set of posts (thanks for the link, too)!

    Though tragically the title of this one turned out less rude than I'd imagined on clicking it ;-)

    Alex x

  2. I cater for all types of minds here, even those that need washing is caustic soda.

    Glad you like the set I put a lot of effort into my Friday evening posts and they somehow don't get the coverage and hits they deserve. I already have two post dated for points forward in time.